Success case


该项目是为精神病患及老人新建的 45 户护理公寓,包含有单间及双人套间、 公共设施、服务区域和一个活动中心。

面    积:3,844 m2

项目地:Oliebladsgade 8, 2300 哥本哈根,丹麦

该项目是为精神病患及老人新建的 45 户护理公寓,包含有单间及双人套间、  公共设施、服务区域和一个活动中心。


建筑长条形的平面一端是走道,另外一端是主要功能体量,从而形成了独特的  沿街立面。室外的下沉庭院与一个较低的平台相连,同时也联通着居民活动中  心,厨房以及其他的服务设施。

除了地下室,该老年公寓总共有 6 层,包含了一个加建的顶层阁楼公寓,垂  直交通上配备了老年人使用电梯。地下室上层的平台同时也充当着停车场、花  园和平台区域的功能。阁楼楼顶附带有屋顶花园和活动区域。

The apartments are accessed from a series of common walkways to one side, forming  a single mass to the streetfacade.

There is a series of sunken courtyards, accessed from a lower level, which houses the  residents activity centre, production kitchen, along with other common  services.

Above the raised basement level, there will be apartments in 6 storey along  Oliebladsgade and Reberbanegade, together with a recessed penthouse  level.

The apartments are accessed from external covered accessways, with stairs and  elevators. Above the raised basement, which also includes parking facilities, there will  be a generous common garden and terraced  area.

The roof of the penthouse will also serve as a common roof terrace and social   space.



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